Fix error message "Outlook cannot find server. Error code - 3176"

Fix error message "Outlook cannot find server. Error code - 3176"

If you are using outlook in Mac operating system and you are getting an error message "Outlook cannot find server. Error code - 3176" when you are sending and receiving emails from outlook. Process to fix outlook error code 3176 for Mac operating system is available in this page. You can easily solve the problem that is getting by you from working in outlook. When you want to send and receive emails in outlook you may get this error message.

Outlook cannot find server. Verify the server information is entered correctly in the Account Settings, and that your DNS settings in the Network pane of System Preferences are correct.

Could not retrieve mail.

Account name: <The Account Name>

Error code: - 3176

You have to perform four steps to solve this issue. The steps are given in the form of list that is below.


First of all check the internet setting that is working properly or not. To check it in Mac operating system follows the given instructions.

  • Click System Preferences that is available in the apple menu.
  • Click on Network that is present under the Internet and wireless.
  • Check the status of internet that is connected or not. It should be on or connected.


Restart the apple computer to reset all connection. To restart the computer click on apple menu and then click on restart.


In step3 check the SMTP address to check it you have to follow these instructions.

  • First of all open outlook.
  • After that click on accounts from the tool menu.
  • Select your email account from left side.
  • Here enter the correct outgoing server address and then close the window.


In step4 adjust account setting. To perform this operation follows these instructions.

  • Open outlook application and then click on accounts from tools menu.
  • Then select the email account from left side.
  • Then enter the correct outgoing server port number. Check the all setting of SMTP and then close the window.

The error will remove from your system when you apply the step.

The reason for this error is very simple. The internet connection not working properly or the configuration of internet is not configured correctly. The error code 3176 also occurs due to if the outgoing server port number is not correct.